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Exhibition Booth Design and Management Services

At Paper Plane Digital Creatives, we specialize in Exhibition Booth Design and Management, transforming ordinary booths into immersive brand experiences. From concept to execution, our comprehensive services ensure that your brand stands out at every expo and trade show.

Exhibition Booth Design Services In Kenya Exhibition Branding and Design In Kenya Booth Design Services in Kenya

Types of Booths we Provide:

Brand showcase categorization:

Customized Brand Showcase

These are tailored booth designs that align with your brand identity, incorporating unique elements to create a memorable and immersive brand experience.

Modular Exhibits

These are versatile and reusable booth structures that provide flexibility for different event spaces, ensuring a consistent brand presence across various expos.

Interactive Display Booths

Engage your audience with interactive displays, touchscreens, and technology-driven elements that captivate and leave a lasting impression.

Themed Exhibition Spaces

Create a cohesive brand narrative with themed booths that transport visitors into an immersive world, aligning with your brand story and values.

Exhibition Branding and Design Services in Kenya Exhibition Booth Design Services in Kenya

Booth Design categorization:

Inline Booth

An inline booth is the most common type. It's like a row of booths set up side by side and back to back. When you have an inline booth, you'll be surrounded by other booths on all sides except one. This gives you easy access to one aisle, where you can focus on engaging with passing visitors and collaborating with neighboring booths.

Peninsula Booth

Peninsula booths in Kenya are positioned at the end of a row or attached to another peninsula. They offer plenty of space and flexibility in layout, design, and display height. The great thing about a peninsula booth is that it's open on three sides, giving it maximum exposure to visitors and foot traffic.

Perimeter Booth

Similar to an inline booth, a perimeter booth is surrounded by other booths on both sides. However, it also has a wall behind it, which is perfect if you have a large display. You can make use of the wall for added height in your design, leading to increased brand visibility and customer interest.

Island Booth

An island booth is fully open on all four sides, providing maximum accessibility for visitors. Because it's not enclosed, you have complete flexibility in designing your display and layout. This type of booth attracts attention from all directions, making it a prime choice for exhibitors.

Exhibition Booth Design Services In Kenya Exhibition Branding and Design In Kenya Booth Design Services in Kenya

Our Process

  1. Strategic Consultation: We begin by understanding your brand, goals, and target audience. Our strategic consultation sets the foundation for a tailored exhibition experience.

  2. Creative Conceptualization: Our design experts conceptualize booth ideas that align with your brand messaging, incorporating innovative elements to capture attention.

  3. Detailed Design and Rendering: We provide detailed booth designs and 3D renderings, allowing you to visualize the final setup and make any necessary adjustments before construction begins.

  4. Booth Fabrication and Construction: Our skilled team brings the design to life, handling booth fabrication and construction with precision, ensuring the final product reflects the envisioned brand experience.

  5. Branding Integration: We seamlessly integrate your brand elements, ensuring that the booth not only attracts attention but also aligns with your overall brand image and messaging.

  6. Logistics and Installation: Our services include logistical planning and on-site installation, ensuring a smooth setup process and a polished booth presentation.

  7. Event Presence Management: We don’t just stop at design and setup – our team provides on-site event management, ensuring that your brand experience runs seamlessly throughout the expo.

Why Choose us for Exhibition Booth Design Services?

Tailored Solutions:

We deliver customized booth designs that align with your brand identity and goals.

Innovative Approach:

We incorporate cutting-edge technology and interactive elements for a modern and engaging booth experience.

End-to-End Service:

From initial consultation to on-site event management, we provide a complete exhibition design and management service, allowing you to focus on your business.

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