Crafting a seamless brand identity

Unify Your Brand Across Every Touchpoint

At Paper Plane Digital Creatives, we redefine corporate branding with our Integrated Corporate Branding Solutions. We understand the importance of consistency and cohesion in conveying your brand identity. Our comprehensive services seamlessly unify your brand across various touchpoints, from visual elements to physical spaces.

Brand Identity Design services in Kenya Integrated corporate branding services in Kenya
Brand Identity Design services in Kenya Integrated corporate branding services in Kenya
Brand Identity Development

Crafting Your Brand Essence

Your brand identity is more than just a logo – it’s the essence of your company. Our expert team works closely with you to develop a cohesive brand identity that reflects your values, vision, and personality. From logo design to brand guidelines, we ensure consistency across all brand assets.

Key Brand Assets we specialize in:

  • Logo: We design the central visual element of a brand, serving as a unique identifier.

  • Typography: We ensure consistent use of fonts and typography styles to maintain brand consistency.

  • Color Palette: We carefully chose colors that convey mood, personality, and brand identity.

  • Visual Elements: We produce graphic elements, patterns, and icons used consistently across brand materials.

  • Brand Guidelines: We document specifications for logo usage, color codes, typography, and other visual elements.

Brand Identity Design services in Kenya Integrated corporate branding services in Kenya
Office Branding

Create Inspiring Spaces

Transform your workspace into a dynamic and inspiring environment that reflects your brand culture and values.

From wall graphics to signage to branded merchandise, we infuse your brand identity into every aspect of your office.

Our Office Branding Services Include:

Custom Wall Graphics:

We provide custom-designed wall graphics that showcase your brand's personality and values, adding vibrancy and inspiration to your office space.

Branded Signage:

Enhance your office's aesthetic appeal and reinforce brand identity with our indoor and outdoor signage solutions tailored to your brand's specifications.

Branded Merchandise:

We elevate your brand presence with a range of branded merchandise including pens, notebooks, mugs, and USB drives, each meticulously designed to reflect your brand's style and message.

Promotional Items:

We help you make a lasting impression on clients and employees with our unique promotional items such as tote bags, key chains, and T-shirts, each featuring your brand logo and messaging.

Document Templates:

We streamline your brand communication with our professionally designed document templates, including fact sheets, letterheads, and business cards, ensuring consistency and professionalism in every interaction.

Vehicle Branding:

We transform your company vehicles into mobile brand ambassadors with our Vehicle Branding services. Whether it's a fleet of cars or a single delivery van, we create eye-catching designs that turn heads and leave a lasting impression. From vehicle wraps to decals, we ensure your brand stands out wherever you go.

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