July 11, 2023

Paper Plane Digital Creatives' collaboration with Promote Kenya Limited: Amplifying Businesses & Culture


Paper Plane Digital Creatives is excited to showcase our collaboration with Promote Kenya (Promote Ke), a prominent organization dedicated to promoting Kenyan businesses and culture. Through various projects, including magazine designs, graphic design initiatives, and collaborative events, we have leveraged our expertise to amplify the impact of Promote Kenya’s mission. In this comprehensive portfolio update, we will highlight our key collaborations and projects, showcasing our commitment to promoting Kenyan businesses, film culture, and the rich heritage of Kenya.

PK Digest: Promoting Kenyan Businesses

One of our major collaborations with Promote Kenya was the design of “PK Digest,” a dynamic magazine focused on promoting Kenyan businesses. Within the magazine, we introduced two sections: “Buruburu Digest” and “Kiambu Digest.”

Buruburu Digest:

This section highlighted and promoted businesses located in Buruburu, Kenya. Paper Plane Digital Creatives played a key role in designing captivating layouts and graphics to effectively showcase the featured businesses in Buruburu. The visually appealing design and engaging content helped increase visibility and awareness of local businesses, encouraging support from the community and potential customers.

Kiambu Digest:

This section specifically targeted businesses in Kiambu, Kenya, promoting their products and services. Paper Plane Digital Creatives employed their expertise to create visually compelling designs that showcased the essence and strengths of the Kiambu-based businesses. The Kiambu Digest section provided valuable exposure for local businesses, fostering growth and encouraging collaboration within the Kiambu community.

Continuing our collaborative efforts, Paper Plane Digital Creatives, in partnership with Promote Kenya, is currently working on the upcoming “Sacco DIGEST” magazine project. This magazine aims to promote Saccos (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations) in Kenya, highlighting their services and benefits and ” Telco DIGEST” magazine project that aims to market mobile phone companies and telecommunication organizations.

Driving Awareness and Encouraging Engagement

In addition to the magazine projects, we have collaborated with Promote Kenya, the National Museums of Kenya, and the British Ecological Society on a joint initiative called “The Word Snake Day.” This collaborative project aimed to raise awareness of the importance of ecological preservation and celebrate Kenya’s biodiversity.

Paper Plane Digital Creatives played a crucial role in designing social media posters and promotional booklets for “The Word Snake Day” event. Our team leveraged their creativity and design expertise to craft visually compelling materials that effectively communicated the ecological message and event details. The engaging graphic designs created enthusiasm and encouraged participation, successfully raising awareness about ecological preservation and the importance of biodiversity.

Reel Reflection Film Festival: Promoting Film Culture in Kenya

Lastly, Paper Plane Digital Creatives had the opportunity to collaborate with Promote Kenya on the “Reel Reflection Film Festival.” This project aimed to promote and celebrate the rich film culture in Kenya.

Our team contributed to the project by designing various promotional materials, such as posters and digital assets, for the Reel Reflection Film Festival. Paper Plane Digital Creatives utilized their design expertise to capture the essence of the festival, its themes, and the vibrant film culture in Kenya. The visually appealing designs effectively conveyed the festival’s message, attracted audiences, and contributed to the success of the event in promoting film culture in Kenya.

Reel Reflections Poster Design Kenya


Through our collaboration with Promote Kenya (Promote Ke), we have successfully executed several projects that promote Kenyan businesses, telecommunication organizations, Saccos, ecological preservation, and film culture. Our magazine designs, graphic initiatives, and collaborative events have effectively communicated key messages, enhanced awareness, and facilitated growth within various industries. Paper Plane Digital Creatives remains committed to utilizing innovative design solutions to support Promote Kenya’s mission and contribute to the promotion of Kenya’s rich heritage and thriving businesses.