January 02, 2024

Empowering Digital Innovation: Transforming gDIH's Brand Vision into Visual Reality


In the vibrant tapestry of Kenyan enterprises, the Green and Digital Innovation Hub (gDIH) emerges as a visionary force, driving sustainability through digital innovation. This transformative journey is not merely a concept but a visual narrative crafted by Paper Plane Digital Creatives. Let’s delve into the collaborative efforts that have given wings to gDIH’s aspirations and propelled its mission through our innovative Branding and Graphic Design solutions.

About gDIH - Africa's 1st Green and Digital Innovation Hub

At the forefront of innovation, gDIH stands tall as Africa’s pioneering Green and Digital Innovation Hub. The essence of gDIH lies in its commitment to fostering a culture of digital innovation and entrepreneurship among Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). As gDIH envisions a future where sustainability intertwines seamlessly with digital transformation, Paper Plane Digital Creatives steps in as a partner to translate this vision into a compelling visual identity.

Our Collaborative Mission

Paper Plane Digital Creatives and gDIH embarked on a shared mission – to amplify the impact of gDIH’s goals through strategic and visually stunning design solutions. Our journey began with an in-depth understanding of gDIH’s objectives, values, and aspirations. This groundwork laid the foundation for a collaborative design process aimed at creating a visual language that resonates with the core essence of gDIH.

Visualizing the Mission: From Graphic Design to Brand Identity

We meticulously implemented and coordinated a cohesive brand identity, carefully selecting colors and fonts that mirror gDIH’s mission. This step was crucial in ensuring that every visual element speaks the language of innovation and environmental consciousness.

The impact of gDIH needed to extend beyond physical spaces, reaching the far corners of the digital realm. Paper Plane Digital Creatives took charge of this challenge by designing engaging social media E-Flyers and Posters, including those for specific campaigns. Each digital asset was meticulously crafted to convey gDIH’s dynamism, purpose, and the transformative possibilities it offers to Kenyan enterprises.

Moreover, our collaboration also extended to the corporate sphere, where we curated a Power Point presentation design that goes beyond aesthetics – it narrates the story of gDIH, captivating audiences and stakeholders alike. This was showcased as the screen placeholders on the launch of the Hub during the Kenya Innovation week at the KICC. Additionally, a professional Letter Head design was created, embodying gDIH’s commitment to excellence in every communication.

Impactful Results: Elevating gDIH's Visibility and Outreach

The synergies between Paper Plane Digital Creatives and gDIH have yielded tangible results. The carefully crafted visual elements have not only elevated gDIH’s digital presence but have also facilitated effective communication with stakeholders, investors, and the broader community. Our design solutions have become the catalyst for translating gDIH’s mission into a language that resonates with diverse audiences.


In the realm of sustainable development and digital innovation, the collaboration between Paper Plane Digital Creatives and gDIH stands as a testament to the transformative power of creative partnership. As gDIH continues its journey towards reshaping Kenya’s digital landscape, our commitment remains unwavering – to be the architects of visual narratives that not only reflect but also amplify the visionary goals of gDIH.

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