May 15, 2023

Let's Embark on a Seamless Journey with 'Mobitill Cashless PSV' Event Branding

The Mobitill Integrated Payment, Travel, and Safety Solutions and products by Data Integrated are set to disrupt the African public transport sector. The platform seeks to solve all pain points in Africa’s public transport systems, starting with Kenya by providing SACCOs, passengers, and the government with an efficient, safe, and seamless travel experience while optimizing fleet operations for bus operators and owners.

Bus Operators & Owners who use Mobitill can now enjoy digitally payment collection and payouts, review, monitor and optimize fleet operations in real-time, avoid revenue loss and reduce operating costs. They also get access to integrated hardware and software solutions that ensure they are 100% compliant with safety and speed regulations.

Passengers, on the other hand, benefit significantly from the platform as they can view and monitor real-time availability of PSVs on a specific route, book urban and intercity trips in advance from a single APP, make payments directly in the APP, and easily integrate with their bank for faster payments. They can also choose PSVs that are equipped with safety and speed monitoring devices and go cashless, giving them the power to control their travel experience. By empowering passengers and optimizing operations for bus operators and owners, the platform is fostering deeper understanding and building stronger communities – all while enabling safe, efficient, and enjoyable travel experiences.

The Mobitill Integrated Payment, Travel, and Safety Solutions event showcased how the platform is revolutionizing Africa’s public transport sector.

Marketing Materials

We also conceptualized and designed key brand materials such as Polo T-Shirts, Roll-Up Banners, Flyers etc.

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