May 15, 2023

A Journey Through Flavor and Design: The Story Behind 'Food For Thought' Festival Branding

The “Food For Thought” Festival presents a unique culinary tourism experience that celebrates the diverse cultures of Kenya while preserving and strengthening their rich heritage. The festival’s mission is to provide participants with an opportunity to learn from one another, discover new flavors, showcase local brands, and sell food and produce – all while fostering a deeper understanding of both the similarities and differences that make Kenya such a special place.
This festival includes an array of workshops, talks, debates, and community events that go beyond just the food – providing a cultural and critical context for our eating and educating us on how we grow our food and what we eat. By passing on skills to the next generation and promoting community-building, the “Food For Thought” Festival truly embodies the spirit of celebration, education, and exploration.

01. Logo

Regarding the logo of the “Food For Thought Festival”, we went through various concepts and eventually settled on a depiction of the well-known Kenyan cooking pot. This symbol cleverly integrates the festival’s name and conveys its combination of style and practicality.

The use of these colors in the Food for Thought Festival logo(Red, Green and Black) is seen as a way to connect the event with broader themes of cultural identity, social justice, and environmental sustainability, all of which are closely linked to the food we eat.

02. Marketing Materials

We also conceptualized and designed key brand materials such as Hoodies (made to fit the traditional style), Tshirts, aprons, Baseball caps etc.

02. Social Media Posters